Shop and Wabbits

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Mar 222010

Have spent the few months busy with making things for markets and orders which was fun but I am glad to have some time to do other chores. I have been bottling tomatoes from our garden and shelling beans to add to the larder. We grew pinto beans and am trying the scarlett runner beans too. The flower garden is still looking colourful and todays rain is welcome if not inconvenient.

My Ramari Textiles shop project is taking shape with cleaning out and painting the last two jobs to complete. I have choosen colours and sorted fittings and lights to enchance it’s small but perfect interior. I have lots of stock to fill its shelves including Wabbits. Made from recycled vintage fabric and old woollen blankets with a wool stuffing these soft toys have been popular with children and adults.
I will have a definite opening date soon when I am closer to the state of being ready. So more imformation in my next post.

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  1. Cool Bananas girl,I'd love to come to your opening!

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