Early Autumn

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Mar 172009

It seems summer is slowing down.  Our firewood shed has been visited a few times in the last month and we have enjoyed the warmth of our fire.  Our garden is producing baskets of food and we love it.  I have been bottling tomatoes which will come in handy in the depth of winter.  Our pumpkin crop is looking very healthy, we dined on two varieties tonight – delicious!

The making and crafting never stops around here and I have been making, for one thing, felted shoulder and carry bags.  Having made them in the height of summer which was strange , I can’t wait to snugger one the colder month.  The process is quite magical with a huge over-sized object becoming a well proportioned mode a transporting all the useful things we need at hand.  And we know those are many!
My pets still entertain us without effort and I sometimes run to grab my camera to catch something comical or just plain cute.
I recently helped run a felted wool and bead workshop at work.  It was successful and everyone went home with a beautiful piece of work to wear.   There are just so many great ideas out there for us to enjoy.
I have started going to a sewing night class with a couple of textile queens and we have fun and also learn tips and processes from our great tutor which is what it’s all about I guess.  
We visited the Monet exhibition in Wellington today.  It was amazing to see such beautiful work – very inspiring!  I recommend it to you all!

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  1. Your post is like receiving a letter from a wonderful friend.
    Just look at your naughty chicken!
    Love one of the textile queens!!

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