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Nov 292012

I have been producing lots of cushions of late and selling them locally at Red Moa Gallery and Craft Country in Featherston.  I am going to Palmerston North next friday to be part of the Alt.Shift Craft Market with the great title of Craft Fu Santa.  It is always well organised and the people are lovely.  I even manage to sell a bit of work which is a bonus.  It is at the library from 6pm till 9pm and is a great chance to purchase local and not so local craft.  Then on the saturday 15th december at the Greytown town hall is the annual Craft Country Fair which will be a fantastic place to do some last mintute shopping for friends and family.  That is from 9-3pm.

Winter Notes

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Jul 012012

After a long interval from blogging due to both business and sickness here I am.  Typing a few words about what I have been up too in these cold winter months when I am glad that I work with wool.  The already mentioned illness was a surprise bout of viral meningitis which put me hospital and gave me 5 weeks off work to recoperate.  Thankfully I am much better and back into life as normal.  I have sold at a few local fairs lately and opened a shop on the great site – look for ramari.  My shop has been open on the odd occasion but I am always happy to open to customers who call beforehand.  It is always nice to meet other crafty folk.  Also thanks to Ann Packer for including me in her recently published ‘Crafty Girls Roadtrip’.  Would love to get around the country to check out some of her suggestions.   Back to my knitting!


New Year

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Jan 222012

Went to my first fair of the year today in Greytown.  New Rags is a locally run fair for local makers, growers and crafters.  Next saturday we are going to a outdoor fair called Eat, Drink and Be Crafty at Pauatahanui.  Its being held at Battle Hill Regional Park and starts at 10am.

Felted Bags and Purses

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Nov 022011

One of my favourite things to make is felted bags of all sizes.  I start by knitting them on my trusty knitting machine which has made the whole process faster.  I started out knitting them by hand which took forever but now it seems so easy.  Thanks to my creative friend Agnes who loaned me her machine that she had brought over from the UK and hadn’t got out of the box.  She brought it round and let me figure out how it worked and I did.  Then I found one of my own on Trade Me and I was away.

After they have been knitted and sewn together I put them in the washing machine and let the felting process take it’s course.  Its quite magical how the chance from a loosely woven piece to something quite durable and strong.

I make small purse too and I have one that I store all my crochet hooks in.  I have posted some photos of bags that are ready to be felted and will add some ones of the finished product soon.

I sell them from between $35 and $75.  They are great to have on public transport as they are very snuggly.

Will have more news about up and coming fairs and markets soon……………..


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Oct 022011

I have a busy time coming up with a craft market at Pataka in Porirua this saturday, the 8th October from 10-4pm.  Craft in the City is on the 29th October in The Atrium in the Chaffers Dock Building from 10-4pm.  I will be selling my work at both of these events so come and say hello.

With rugby in the news a lot at the moment, I got creating with some genuine swanndri fabric and made some rugby ball cushions.  They are part of an exhibition on at Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre in Upper Hutt called Craft Fever.  It is on until the 23rd October.

New Work

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Apr 252011

This is work I have done recently for sale on line, in my shop and at the recent Craft2.0 at the New Dowse in Lower Hutt.

Events happening soon…

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Apr 062011

Work has started again with a slow puff for the Easter saturday Craft2.0 at the Dowse in Lower Hutt.  Am making wool and fabric scarves today and with winter well on it’s way to our doors it the right time to be working with wool.  I have also donated some brooches made from the labels of old blankets to an art auction happening at Aratoi in Masterton this saturday at 3pm.  All proceeds go to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.  Its a good chance to buy some local and national art and donate to more than worthy cause.

Rained off

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Mar 072011

After gearing up for another day at the Martinborough Fair on saturday 5th March I decided on arrival there,  that the rain was not going to be complementary to a good day so we headed home.  The rain did ease but dampness and textiles don’t really go together when you are trying to sell.  I opened up the shop at home though and had a few visitors.  Sunday was even worst for rain but I had customers visiting so that was encouraging.  Now that we seem to be having a wintery spell I feel a major bout of knitting coming on with new things in the pipeline.  Warm gear for cool weather.  More hats, bags and maybe some scarf/shawl type combinations.

Martinborough Fair

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Feb 262011

Next saturday is the 2nd Martinborough Fair and today I am putting a few more products together for the day. My shop is open and all visitors are welcome.
Just wanted to say Thank You to Rebecca Farr for her brillant work and support with getting my website up and happening.
So….back to work!