Winter Notes

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Jul 012012

After a long interval from blogging due to both business and sickness here I am.  Typing a few words about what I have been up too in these cold winter months when I am glad that I work with wool.  The already mentioned illness was a surprise bout of viral meningitis which put me hospital and gave me 5 weeks off work to recoperate.  Thankfully I am much better and back into life as normal.  I have sold at a few local fairs lately and opened a shop on the great site – look for ramari.  My shop has been open on the odd occasion but I am always happy to open to customers who call beforehand.  It is always nice to meet other crafty folk.  Also thanks to Ann Packer for including me in her recently published ‘Crafty Girls Roadtrip’.  Would love to get around the country to check out some of her suggestions.   Back to my knitting!