Felted Bags and Purses

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Nov 022011

One of my favourite things to make is felted bags of all sizes.  I start by knitting them on my trusty knitting machine which has made the whole process faster.  I started out knitting them by hand which took forever but now it seems so easy.  Thanks to my creative friend Agnes who loaned me her machine that she had brought over from the UK and hadn’t got out of the box.  She brought it round and let me figure out how it worked and I did.  Then I found one of my own on Trade Me and I was away.

After they have been knitted and sewn together I put them in the washing machine and let the felting process take it’s course.  Its quite magical how the chance from a loosely woven piece to something quite durable and strong.

I make small purse too and I have one that I store all my crochet hooks in.  I have posted some photos of bags that are ready to be felted and will add some ones of the finished product soon.

I sell them from between $35 and $75.  They are great to have on public transport as they are very snuggly.

Will have more news about up and coming fairs and markets soon……………..