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Jun 072010

Just finished a bunch of flower brooches all made with woollen fabric or old blankets.
Great for going on a winter coat!

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  1. They are beautiful, and it's great you are recycling old blankets. Congratulations on your shop; it looks fantastic(and I love the colour you painted the outside with), and if I lived closer to you, I would definitely visit!

  2. Hello there, just had to send to a few words and wish you a happy opening of your sweet little shop! It looks great, and cant wait to see more of your bits and pieces. I would come and visit but I live in Australa. Good Luck – sell heapsx

  3. Hi Marina and Gail, Thanks so much for your encouraging messages. It would be wonderful to have international visitors! Thanks again x

  4. Hey is that blue wool from the Featherston op-shop? I recognise that!

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